About Us

Drummond Capital Partners was founded in 2017 to provide wealth management clients with institutional, active investment management via leading edge managed account technology.

We are asset allocation specialists, focused on delivering high quality, risk aware, global multi-asset portfolios driven by our own proprietary research.

What We Do

Financial Intermediaries

Global Multi-Asset Solutions

Proprietary research, active and cost-effective

Drummond Capital Partners act as an outsourced investment team, providing institutional quality portfolio management under the transparent and efficient managed account structure.

Our investment process has four distinct elements. Strategic asset allocation, tactical asset allocation, manager research and portfolio construction. These elements are proprietary and are derived from over 70 years of combined asset management experience within the investment team.

Our consultative process involves a deep dive into your practice structure, service proposition, client engagement and investment philosophy. Through this process we will assist you to develop an investment service that brings efficiency to your practice, enhances the service you provide your clients as well as improving investment outcomes. With combined experience as fund managers, investment analysts and wealth advisers, we can tailor solutions suitable for each advisory firm's profile.

We complement this with quality reporting, real time updates and portfolio analytics to connect you and your clients to portfolio outcomes.

HNW/Family Office

Asset & Wealth Management

Aligned, active and risk-aware

Our clients have generally taken large operational and/or financial risks in their lifetime to acquire significant pools of financial capital and, understandably, have a desire to preserve it. The Drummond Capital Partners team have significant expertise in providing holistic advice to high net worth families, sharing a strong philosophy based on long-term partnerships, transparency and service.

As an independent firm, we pride ourselves on providing objective advice and are solely focused on achieving our client's objectives over the long term.  By limiting the total number of clients, we ensure the highest service standards and that all clients have a direct relationship with the partners of the business.

We manage globally diversified multi-asset portfolios under bespoke investment management agreements with our clients.  With over 70 years of global investment management experience, we seek to be proactive in guiding and overseeing the long-term stewardship of your family interests and capital.

Investment Team

Client Services Team

Advisory Board

How We Think

We recognise that everyone's investment journey is different, and we can't rely on the past as a guide to the future.  As such, we seek to actively manage our portfolios within a disciplined and conservative framework to minimise risk and deliver on client objectives over the long-term. We believe everyone wants to benefit when markets are strong and protect their capital when they are not.

Our investment philosophy is centred around four key beliefs.


We believe markets are not fully efficient

We believe in active management both at a portfolio level (tactical asset allocation) and within the underlying asset classes, seeking to identify which sub-sectors have persistent opportunities for outperformance and those managers best positioned to capture this. This requires the mandate flexibility to act with discretion and experienced investment decision makers to oversee the process.


We believe investment risk is more than volatility

Often the biggest risks are not easily observed. These not only include investment risks but liquidity, counterparty and operational risks. We undertake significant proprietary research into economies, asset classes and underlying investments to build robust, risk aware portfolios.


We believe in portfolio diversity and quality

Given markets are not efficient in the short term, we believe portfolios should be constructed to reflect this uncertainty by being built with high quality investments that provide diversity across asset class, geography, and underlying managers.


We believe our clients success will be our success

Our business is structured with the strongest alignment of interests. We are 100% owned by the investment team and all members are invested in the portfolios alongside our clients.