Family Office

Our family office clients have generally taken large operational and/or financial risks in their lifetime to acquire significant pools of financial capital and, understandably, have a desire to preserve it. The Drummond Capital Partners team have significant expertise in providing holistic advice to high net worth families, sharing a strong philosophy based on long-term partnerships, transparency and service.

What We Do

As an independent firm, we pride ourselves on providing objective advice and are solely focused on achieving our client's objectives over the long term.  Driven by our own proprietary research, we deliver institutional grade active management through core long-term, high conviction portfolios.

We believe the preservation of wealth across subsequent generations requires a carefully curated approach, capable of evolving with families as they grow. By working closely with your family, we identify the values and principles that drives your family’s success and build a robust framework that promotes open communication, family unity and collective decision-making.  

Once identified and agreed, these values and principles determine the appropriate portfolio and we take time to ensure alignment. This alignment extends into our commitment into safeguarding and growing clients’ wealth as if it were our own, with our staff personally investing alongside our clients in each portfolio.

With our guidance, your family can be assured of a forward-looking identity committed to ensuring a better future for many generations to come.

Investment Service

As a pure investment manager, we construct solutions that stem from our belief in the power of asset allocation and its proven ability to deliver on investor’s objectives.

We offer a range of core liquid ‘best idea’ portfolios, capable of acting as a diversified total investment solution, or when augmented with internally researched satellite alternatives, a complement to your broader portfolio.

We value and nurture our relationships with your family through our ability to deliver on outcomes – not distribute product. And in this regard, your success will be our success.

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Chris Koh
Head of Family Office

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